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About project

The service is designed to manage children’s camps. It’s a unique tool for managing organizational processes in a children’s camp.

The system solves the following tasks:
- personnel management of the children’s camp;
- management of shifts and camps;
- management of personal data of children and their parents;
- reporting, building reports;
- monitoring the mood and psychological state of children in the camp;
- tracking by parents of children’s activity and their involvement;
- event planning;
- testing of children.

As part of the project, we developed the following:
- Personal account of the child;
- Personal account of parents;
- Personal account of counselors;
- Administrative panel;

Together with psychologists of the highest category, special game tests have been developed to check the psycho-emotional state of children.

With the help of a personal account, children see their schedule and the schedule of events for the coming days, their diary, and the awards received. At the end of the shift, they can leave a review and a satisfaction rating according to various criteria.

Parents see a calendar of the child's events, awards received, and the child’s activities. With the help of the system, parents can sign up their children for new shifts and provide information about children’s health, contraindications, and medical advice. At the end of the shift, they can leave a review and a satisfaction rating according to various criteria.

With the help of the system, counselors plan events, reward children, leave feedback on the activity and participation of children in the circumstances, and fill out various reports.

With the help of the system, the administration plans shifts, distributes children into groups, receives operational data about everything that happens in the camp, sees the children’s general mood and conflict situations, and summary reports.

Psychologists and administration analyze the psychological state of children and see their moods.

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